Technical rules for 1/10 and 1/8 class
 Alpe Adria Monotyre

All rules are as EFRA 2013 rules, except:

- Monotyre: Contact controlled tyres will be used during all the events, supplied by the organizer. The tyres (design) will differ from the original ones. The tyres will be equipped with new aerodynamic covers.

- Monoshore: the tyres will be only 32sh front and 35sh rear for 1/8 and 37sh front and 40sh rear for 1/10.

- Tyre additive is prohibited!

- Tyre rules: each racer will get 2 sets of tyres (the price is yet to be determined) when making the registration to the race. These 2 sets should be used for qualifying. No additional set is allowed for qualifying. The tyres from these 2 sets can also be used for the lower/main final.

Each driver will take 2 sets randomly from the storage and this tyres will be marked and given to the officials and stored for the duration of the event. The driver will have access to the tyres only in 3 cases: for truing (in supervision of the officials), in the pit-lane before the start and during the race (spare set). After the race the used and spare tyres will be restored from the officials. If the racers decide not to use the used tyres again, the officials will put them in a storage bin. 

Every additional set of tyres will cost (the price is yet to be determined). Maximum 1 set per each lower final/main final can be given to 1 racer.

The driver can ask beside the additional tyres mentioned above for an additional set or pair of tyres (front or rear) only in case of a damaged wheel or foam which should be brought to the officials.

Tyres during free practice are free.


Racing rules Alpe Adria Monotyre

All rules are as EFRA 2013 rules, except:

- EFRA »A« drivers are not allowed to pick up points or prizes (they will have a separate PRO class)
- Registration fee is 20,00€ for each race if done at least 14 days before the event, 30,00€ after that date.
- 3 qualifying 5 min heats
- Superpole for the 10 finalists: 3 laps (attempts) for each driver, the best lap counts for the position. Every driver enters track alone and drives for 3 consecutive laps to achieve the best possible laps
- 15min lower finals
- 30min main final
- Marshals are mechanics/drivers from the previous run group
- Saturday free practice in groups with timing system + evening party

Results and prizes rules Alpe Adria Monotyre

- There will be 4 races in 4 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Italy). 
- For the final classification 3 from 4 races will count (worst result discarded).
- For the final prize lottery a driver must take part at least on 3 of 4 events. The prizes will be announced as soon as possible.
- After each event first 10 drivers in each category will receive medals.
- For the final Cup ranking the first 10 drivers will receive cups.
- The first 3 classified drivers in each class will get an official sponsorship for 2013 season. More details to follow soon.

Handbook for Beginner class:

- Only novice drivers can race in this class (no previous official race experiences allowed)
- Free technical regulation – all classes allowed
- Free tyres
- No tyre additive alowed
- No registration fee
- 3 rounds of 5min heats for qualifying
- 10 min lower finals
- 20 min main final
- Since there is a big possibility that only local drivers will race in this category we will give medals and prizes on each event
- No final classification

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